Kristina Wojtaszek

Author of Opal and Char of the Fae of Fire and Stone series published through World Weaver Press.  Welcome to my website and blog, a crossroads for fairy tales, fantasy and YA fiction.  Don’t forget to leave a trail of crumbs–you might just get lost in a book!

Fire is never tame—least of all the flames of our own kindling.
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Raised in isolation by the secretive Circle of Seven, Luna is one of the few powerful beings left in a world dominated by man.  Versed in ancient fairy tales and the language of plants, Luna struggles to control her powers over fire.  When her mentor dies in Luna’s arms, she is forced into a centuries-long struggle against the gravest enemy of all Fae-kind—the very enemy that left her orphaned.  In order to save her people, Luna must rewrite their history by entering a door in the mountain and passing back through time.  But when the lives of those she loves come under threat, her rage destroys a forest, and everything in it.  Now called The Char Witch, she is cursed to live alone, her name and the name of her people forgotten.

Until she hears a knock upon her long-sealed door. 

Interwoven with elements of Hansel and Gretel and The Seven Ravens, Char is the stand alone sequel to Opal, and second in the Fae of Fire and Stone trilogy.

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