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On August 9th, World Weaver Press will release a new e-book called Speculative Bites, which you can preview now on Amazon.  You can also add it to your Goodreads to-read shelf in the meantime.  Here’s the book description for your appetizer:

Fifteen bite-sized stories, offering a sampler platter of fantasy, science fiction, and paranormal horror. Within these pages, you’ll find flower fairies, alien brothels, were-bears, and sentient houses. Step inside a museum where all the displays are haunted, follow a siren into the underworld as she searches for Persephone, and discover the doors that lie, literally, behind the heart.

That last bit about the doors?  That would be my story, John Knocking, and actually, it’s not for those with a weak stomach.  Think Doctor Dolittle meets Stephen King’s Pet Sematary, and you’ve got the taste of it.  Oh, and toss in a love story, because we all need a bit of dessert.

Stay tuned for more and happy reading!

Speculative Story Bites ebook cover