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It’s my birthday today, but that’s not why I’m celebrating.  I’d prefer not to be a year older or think about cakes that I shouldn’t have.  Instead, I’m thinking about cover art, trilogies and release dates.  Because next month, my latest book will be released from World Weaver Press!  So instead of singing Happy Birthday to me (my mom beat you to it) why not help me celebrate my latest release?  I even have gifts, spelled GIFs, below!

Char is the second book in the trilogy Fae of Fire and Stone.  First in the series is my novella, Opal.  Opal retells the story of Snow White in a fantasy world where humans live alongside a powerful race of shape-shifters called Fae.  Read more about Opal, including an excerpt from the book on World Weaver Press.  While a sequel to Opal, Char can be read as a stand alone novel, set in the same fantasy world of Fae.  For the fairy tale lover, you’ll find scattered bits of Hansel and Gretel and The Seven Ravens throughout.  For the fantasy addict, welcome to the world of Fae, a race not wholly unlike Tolkien’s elves, though the Fae are so bound to elements of nature they are able to take the forms of various animals and even trees, and some wield magic like wizards.  For the lover of love, there is a precarious romance, and for the historian, I hope you’ll enjoy the medieval setting, replete with a convent under threat.

Now for some eye candy (who needs cake?).  World Weaver Press has helped me create a visually thrilling board called Opal’s Winter & Animals and I have also created one for Char, adding photos and art that served as inspirations or fit with my own imaginings of characters and magical scenes within the story.  Below are a few of my all time favorites (for photo credits, click images and follow the link to Pinterest).  Enjoy, and stay tuned for the cover art for Char, coming soon!


Age, Nature, Wisdom:

a man and his totem:

Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of Passion and represented by volcanoes...infamous for her temper!    maybe i change my name to Pele!: