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As many of my writerly friends already know, Nanowrimo is now upon us.  I don’t openly participate in this month-long write-a-thon, because as a writer, I feel that the entire year should consist of Nanowrimos.  And who in their right mind decided a month was adequate time in which to write a novel, anyway?  Truth be known, I just don’t really care much for turning a passion into a timed competition.  Call me a wimp, go ahead, I can’t hear you anyway.

But this year I suppose I am actually participating.  Because the day after I hung up my sons’ hand-made Halloween costumes, I decided this mom had earned a moment of peace and quiet for herself.  After weeks of sewing, gluing, snipping and cursing, followed by several days of partying, parading and picture taking, my boys had plenty of candy to keep them occupied and I, for once, had no other projects or demands nagging at my attention.  Thank the heavens, a nanosecond in which to write!  And so I began, on November 1st, a new novel.

Being a mother, and being that it was still the weekend, I got two paragraphs in before I was needed outside the realms of fantasy.  And so I closed out my document, hopped online for, well, a nanosecond to check on the status of our (mostly overdue) library books, and there it was, that Viking shield and helmet that signifies the battle-hungry horde of Nano-ers.  While you won’t find me reporting a daily word count, tracking my progress online, or yelling from a hilltop like a victorious barbarian, I can certainly understand why a bit of community might bolster the often lonely efforts of a writer.

Heck, I may even stop in my local library for a “write-in” this month.  Because when you’ve got a novel squeezed inside you somewhere, every bit of real-life support, and every nanosecond of time to write, means another paragraph of another page of another chapter of another draft of writerly sanity.  So whatever your level of commitment, if you’ve got a story, it’s nice to know there’s a whole slew of strangers out there pulling for you this month (or attempting to blow your own daily word count out of the battle-churned waters, depending on how you view things).

So don your twin horns, if you feel so inclined, but don’t expect another blog post from me for at least the next 30 days…