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Midsummer’s Eve has only just ended, and the faerie folk are out to run a muck!  Today is the day, the very first day you can get your hands on a brand new copy of Fae from World Weaver Press.  Edited by Rhonda Parrish, this eclectic collection of faerie stories will capture you with its magic– in fact, you may never escape this faerie ring!  The stories range from sinister to heart-wrenching, from the long ago to the here and now, populated by sprites, Greenmen and goblins alike.  Every piece sings of the myth and magic that belongs to this singular realm.

But as with any offering by the wee folk, there comes a price.  My contribution to this anthology, Solomon’s Friend, is a very personal sacrifice– a story straight out of my own life, told through the brash words of a hairy little hob who’s had more than enough.  He may demand a laugh or three, perhaps even tears– just watch your heart, he’s a sneaky little devil, and enjoy the enchantment.

little winged guy

Pick up your copy today from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo among other retailers, or buy it directly from World Weaver Press on their brand new website.  And may the wild procession leave you breathless!

FAE cover