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You Know You're A Fairy Tale Blogger When...

script letter Enchantress Kate Wolford (author and founder of Enchanted Conversation: A Fairy Tale Magazine) lured me into the dark forest with a trail of crumbs, and of course I couldn’t resist!  Fairy tale bloggers are adding their thoughts to a running list of the magic that captivates us fairy tale addicts.  You can find the original post at Tales of Faerie, and here is Kate’s contribution.

So welcome to the wooded path.

You Know You’re a Fairy Tale Blogger When…

1. You start your blog post out with an illuminated letter to resemble the beginning of a fairy tale (ahem).

2. You count Arthur Rackham, Warwick Goble and other great fairy tale artists among your BFFs (No matter that they died long ago, because everything magical was “long ago” and “once upon a time.”)

3. You visit SurLaLune as often as Wikipedia.

4. You know far more about the life of Hans Christian Andersen than that Bieber kid.

5. You see the magic in the mundane and treat frogs, beans and little old ladies with more respect than most.

6. You count the Brothers Grimm as long-lost kin.

7. You cringe at the idea of giving apples to your childrens’ teachers.

Follow the crumbs, there’s more to come from Reilly McCarron, co-founder of the Australian Fairy Tale Society!

Fairy tale bloggers’ confessions so far (more to come!):

frog prince