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Writer, editor and artist Rhonda Parrish has teamed up with World Weaver Press to create a new anthology called Fae.  This is NOT a fairy tale anthology. Instead, it’s an anthology filled with tales about fairies.  And sprites, pixies, goblins, brownies… and my very own cantankerous little hob.  That’s right, my big-footed, hog-riding, hairy little dude has been selected to appear, along with 16 other residents of the fairy realm, in Fae.  But right now, he’s still hibernating (and just like me, he hates to be woken up!) so you won’t see him until the anthology comes out in summer 2014.  Meanwhile, check out the Fae Table of Contents Rhonda has up on her website and learn more about the authors contributing to this captivating collection!

hairy creature reading