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Newly introduced to me by author Amalia Dillin, the No Kiss Blogfest was invented by author Frankie Diane Mallis as a web-wide release of tantalizing scenes from works in progress, published stories, old movies, plays, etc, that feature two would-be lovers engaged in longing, considering, pining, and almost, but not quite, kissing.  I am thrilled to participate in torturing fellow bloggers and readers in this 5th year of the annual No Kiss Blogfest!

My scene comes from a YA Sci Fi novel I am working on, most of which takes place in a hospital setting.  Dr. Hisoka is as stunning as she is brilliant, and nurse Gillon has fallen hard for his mentor.  Never mind that she is almost twice his age and has a disturbing past he’s only vaguely glimpsed.  Never mind that she still considers herself married, and is too caught up in the sudden spread of ancient, deadly diseases to notice Gillon’s steady devotion.  Gillon will follow her anywhere.  So when he spies her heading for a high security area, he doesn’t hesitate to race after her.  Unfortunately, he slips in a puddle in the hall left by an incontinent and disoriented patient.  A nurse’s duties never cease; he quickly escorts the woman back to her room and cringes at the sight (and smell) of his soaked pants, but charges on.  Limping around his twisted ankle, he pats his lab coat pocket, reassured that he has everything he needs to protect Dr. Hisoka from what lies ahead:

Hisoka grabbed Gillon’s arm near the top of the stairwell, stilling him.  He searched for some hint of her expression as he turned to her in the narrow space, his back against the wall as he struggled to slow his pulse.  He could make out nothing but the white fear in her eyes and the crescent of her jaw, glowing moon-like in the dark.

“What were you thinking,” she breathed, her long fingers flying past his face as she found the wall beside his arm.  Still euphoric from what he’d done, Gillon glanced down at his hand; he could still feel the syringe, its impression burned into his palm.  A smirk crawled across his face as he lifted his eyes.  “Gillon!” she whisper-shouted, “What was it?”

“The most deadly of them all.”


“Saline solution.”  A wild laugh flew out of him as her eyes fell closed and she slumped, her head just brushing his chest.  Gillon’s heart took off as though he were plunging up the stairs in panic once more.  But there were no footsteps behind them in the dark, now.  It was only Hisoka, her quiet sigh and the warmth of her nearness that startled him.

“You gave him a shot of IV fluid?”

“What he doesn’t know will only drive him mad.  Let him think over the various shit he’s injected into us and wonder…”  His grin fell away as he spoke, but the flush of anger that coursed through him was fast diluted by her stare.  “I’m sorry, Doctor.”

A corner of her mouth rose up as she let out a laugh that was half-sob.  Gillon’s breath caught at the sound, and he watched in awe as she leaned forward, bumping his chin with the bridge of her nose.  “God, Gillon.  I thought…”  But her voice fell away as he slid his still-shaking arms around her, and tugged her closer.  Her feet slipped between his own and her hands rose tentatively up his arms.  Gillon bent to find her mouth, but even as his lips burned in the heat of her breath, Hisoka pulled away.  And sniffed.  Her brows creased as she eyed him, “Why do I smell…”

Oh, hell.  “It’s not mine,” he promised.  “I ran into Mrs. Glipson as I was trying to catch up to you…”  Hisoka pressed her lips together, suppressing a smile as she backed away.  Gillon let his head thump against the wall, his empty arms falling to his sides as he listened to her steps receding up the stairwell.  She left only the click of the door behind her, like a snicker in the dark.

anatomical heart

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