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I am standing in the eye of the storm, surprised by a moment of sunlight and still before the rush of the holidays and all the aftermath to follow.  I have addressed and stamped more envelopes than I care to count, have wrapped heaps of packages and presents, and I have finally finished and submitted my first full length novel, the sequel to Opal.  I am also thrilled to announce that Opal has been newly packaged in a beautiful anthology, A Winter’s Enchantment, standing alongside stunning works by authors Elise Forier Edie and Amalia Dillin (click the image below to find it on Goodreads).  In fact, we are having a “meet the authors” chat on Twitter on December 19th, where Amalia, Elise and I will discuss fantasy, romance, myth and fairy tales from 3-4pm EST.  Join the chat and ask us anything you like, just use the hashtag: #AWEantho


 Meanwhile, I have been working with the amazing YA editor and author Hannah Goodman on final edits and interview questions for Volume Three of Sucker Literary, which will include my short story, If It Rains.  I’ve even been so lucky as to be interviewed by Annie Rutherford for the Post It Poets section of Cafebabel, a European news zine.  You can find my interview behind door number 8 of the Poetry Advent Calendar.  

Before diving into a storm of Christmas parties and new writing projects, I am taking a big breath and a very little hiatus.  My plans include reading an old Stephen King novel I once started and never finished, drinking gallons of Chai tea, watching Christmas movies with my boys, and, because I just can’t help myself, joining the No Kiss Blog Fest.  Introduced to me by author Amalia Dillin, the No Kiss Blog Fest is a post-holiday party of passion where writers and readers from all over share their favorite scenes of the “almost kiss.”  So after the New Year rings in, tear down the mistletoe and check back here on January 2, 2014 for a sexy scene from my own work-in-progress, and hop along the blogs of many others!  Meanwhile, I wish you many wonderful stories of your own this holiday season!

Note: If you’re a writer with your own tantalizing scene, or just have a favorite scene of the perfect not-quite kiss from a book, movie or play, please join us by posting on your own blog (see Amalia’s No Kiss blog post for details on how to participate).