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I just spent the last 20 minutes or so counting to 1,000.  Why?  Because I have a five year old.  Actually, I’ve told him no so many times I finally sighed, found a comfortable chair, and said, “Are you ready for this?”  And he enjoyed every tedious minute of it.  I’m telling you this because I know a lot of readers like to know what their authors are up to.  And I’m one of them.  When I find my way back to Kansas after a book as mind-blowing as Dorothy Gale’s twister, half my conscious still wandering the yellow brick road, I can’t help but wonder What’s that author up to now?  What else does this Wonderful Wizard have stowed away in that bag?  The great and powerfuls seem to be saying that to keep up with publishing demands today, authors are expected to put out at least two full length novels a year.  And when I hear things like that, I think to myself they can’t have young children!

Well, maybe they can.  And maybe they’re on the brink of going raving mad!  I was, about a month ago.  I was working on three novels, and countless short stories.  So where are they, you ask?  Incubating, in the deep, far corners of space my mind.  Meanwhile, my almost three year old is working his way out of diapers, I’ve begun charting our reactions to some exotic produce we’ve been taste testing (I’m not a fan of pepino melons, by the way), I just set up a live ant farm, and I’ve begun reading the classic Dr. Dolittle to my little animals.  And in the moments when both boys are interacting in a way that doesn’t foretell a field trip to the hospital, I am drowning in research.   So while serving as chambermaid for my toddler, I’m also reading up on the lives of medieval nuns.  And while training my monkeys to scribble letters in a dusting of Ovaltine, I am engrossed in the mother-child bond between wild orangutans in Borneo.  The secluded nuns may find a home in my sequel to Opal, while the nurturing orangs are making a debut in a short story I hope you’ll be hearing more about soon.  There is also the lovely author from England I’ve been sharing emails with for an interview that will be up later this month, I’ve been prepping myself for a public reading of Cinder at a local theater on April 25th, and I’m also reading a sweet collection of fairy tales I’m soon to review.  This is all taking place after completing a SciFi/Romance at 99K words.  Completing, as in, writing the last sentence.  I ‘ve been having nightmares about avalanches and cave-ins, which I attribute to the God-awful amount of editing that lies in wait for me.

But I’m excited about all of it!  Insanely so.  So relax, and ignore the raving mom behind the smoke and curtains.  Oz is prepping for another round of entertainment, coming just as soon as I fall into bed…

wizard of oz original