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“Writing, at best, is a lonely life,” Ernest Hemmingway complained, and somehow, despite our modern cacophony of blogs, tweets, texts, and FB statuses, I mostly agree.  But I also believe that writers are the epitome of socialization, as they reach far deeper into the human heart than most.  Not through daily tweets or status updates, but through passionate writing, some of which is even expressed in short articles and on personal blogs.  Yesterday I read a blog post by a fellow contributing author to Specter Spectacular, Jay Wilburn, and I was immediately, and tearfully, tugged into his world.  He has two sons, one requiring a little extra care, as do I.  He has just made the incredulous and life-altering decision to be a stay at home parent, as I did, with the birth of my first born.  And he has devoted his blessedly few moments of quiet to writing like hell.  I am not alone in my ludicrous aspirations.

I didn’t realize publication could actually launch me into a new community.  Welcome to Composition Heights, said World Weaver Press.  Start a blog, take a stroll over to Goodreads, knock back a latte at Barnes and Noble.  The neighborhood is new, but we’re growing fast (Welcome, Megan Engelhardt).  Now when I open up my laptop, I find myself nodding and waving to my online neighbors.  They are people I may never meet in “real life;” at social, spiritual, geographical distances negated by our shared portal.  We are all just toads in a dark well, blinking in the quiet as we mull over the precious gems in our heads.  Every now and then, one spits out a beauty; a glittering, new release, a golden review, a faceted book signing, and it’s hard not croak out a note of chorus at the sight of such worth.  And sometimes, we might even chance upon the same patch of slime in our ordinary lives.  

While downing a few Excedrin after reconstructing a complicated scene for my latest novel, I got to glimpse the amazing new cover art for Amalia Dillin’s soon to be released Forged By Fate.  It took my breath away.  A glorious reminder of what we are all striving for.  It’s good to know others are out there, conjuring romance, comedy, horror and fantasy from the murky well water we call home.  Like a flash of sunlight to warm my bones.

toads and moon