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Did you know that Cinderella had a dead pet goldfish long before she had a fairy godmother?  That cows, or children dressed as cows, lead spirits of the deceased to the afterlife in Nepal?  Did you know that Banshee is Gaelic for “fairy woman,” and that fairy tales, or “Conte de fees” in French, may have even been named after taboo women, whom society explained away as fairies?

If you’d like to know more about the spooks in folklore and the tales that are tied to the dead, read my Haunted Folklore articles on Enchanted Conversation.  EC is a spectacular online magazine about all things fairy tale, hosting writing competitions, nonfiction articles about fairy tales, and short retellings, not to mention a bounty of gorgeous artwork.  Just be sure to leave a trail of crumbs, as you could easily get lost in all the website has to offer!

Look for my latest article, Phantom Fatale, to peer into the compassionate, and sometimes vengeful, afterlife of women of old.  Then check back next week for the fifth and final Haunted Folklore article which will explore everything from the humorous to the non human.  Happy reading!