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A few months ago, I took a deep breath and hit “send,” hurtling my hopes through cyberspace as I submitted my first ghost story to World Weaver Press.  I held that figurative breath, even after finding out I’d been short listed, even after the line edits were complete and documents were signed and I knew it was a done deal.  I was blue in the face, waiting for this day, for my first ever piece of fiction to be published.  It’s here, now on Amazon, Kobo, and more to come.  My story, Cinder, is available for anyone and everyone to read.  It’s book release day, and I’ve let out a huge, happy sigh!

Now to take in another deep breath, as I wait for public reviews… 

Or better yet, let me know what you think right here in the comments, after you’ve had a chance to read Cinder.  Or click here to rate it on Goodreads.  Happy (haunted) reading!