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Absolutely nothing could compare to the day I found out I was expecting my first child, and when he came into the world, nothing in my life was as beautiful as he was.  The only thing as exciting as that day was the day my second child was born, the day I became a mother twice over.  But those don’t count as accomplishments in my mind.  Not really.  I give The Master Creator all the credit for the existence of my little men.  Sure there was a wee bit of work involved on my part, but most of the sacrifices came after their births, when I stepped out onto the long and uncertain path before me: the difficult, but amazingly beautiful, journey of motherhood. 

Today, I am proud to announce that I am expecting once again.  Not a girl or a boy, but another journey, another new road my life has ventured to follow.  My first book, a Novella, is expected to enter and hopefully entertain, the world very soon!  Her name is OPAL.  I can’t tell you what she will look like until she gets here, and then you can see for yourself, but she just may have a hint of snow-white, blood-red, and ebony-black between her pages.  She will be delivered via the amazing new publishing company World Weaver Press.  Check the WWP blog for her official birth announcement on Monday, July 16th.  This time, I do feel quite proud of myself, as this is an accomplishment I have worked towards for years (though surely Someone Up There deserves a wee bit of credit as well).

~ Kristina Wojtaszek ~